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32. Bode, Johann. Vorstellung der Gestirne. Berlin, 1805.

In 1782 Johann Bode published a German version of the 1776 French Flamsteed atlas, using the same order, format, and constellation figures, but with newly engraved plates. This atlas was later reissued, with revisions, in 1805; we exhibit the reissue. The Bode/Flamsteed atlas, as it is best called, is notable for the addition of many more stars; the plates are visibly much richer than the Fortin edition of Flamsteed.

In 1781 William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus, using a seven-foot Newtonian telescope. Bode was a great admirer of Herschel's achievement, and he commemorated the feat by inserting a new constellation, Herschels Teleskop, next to Auriga; it accurately depicts the actual instrument of discovery.

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