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34. Goldbach, Christian Friedrich. Neuster Himmels-Atlas. Weimar, 1799.

Goldbach's star atlas is a fairly exact copy of the Bode Flamsteed edition of 1782, with two striking differences. The most obvious is that Goldbach's star maps are white on a black background. The second modification is that a matching plate is provided on the facing page with the constellation figures omitted. The image shown here is a detail of the plate of Andromeda; to see the entire plate, and the matching plate without the constellation outline, click here.

What is particularly interesting about the Goldbach atlas is the method of printing. Normally, white on black images are printed on woodblocks; the Semler atlas of 1731 used such a technique. Goldbach's images however were engraved on copper plates, which were then printed in relief (with the ink on the surface) rather than in intaglio (with the ink down in the engraved lines and the surface wiped clean).