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Out of This World

Introduction to the Exhibition

The exhibition contains forty-three star atlases and maps, covering the period from 1482 to 1851. Focal points include all five of the "Grand" celestial atlases--Johann Bayer's Uranometria (1603), Julius Schiller's Coelum Christianum, Johann Hevelius's Firmamentum (1690), John Flamsteed's Atlas coelestis (1729), and Johann Bode's Uranographia (1801)--as well as such colorful jewels as Andreas Cellarius's monumental Harmonia macrocosmica (1661) and Johann Rost's tiny Atlas portatalis coelestis (1723).

For more extended remarks on the evolution and development of the star atlas, see the Historical Essay. Or, you may proceed directly to the first item in the exhibition by clicking Next.