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38. Littrow, Joseph J. von. Atlas des gestirnten Himmels. Stuttgart, 1839.

Littrow's Atlas of the Starry Heavens was compiled for the use of other astronomers, rather than for the viewing public. The constellation figures have been reduced to a faint outline, although the star symbols are very dark and prominent. Only Bayer letters are used for nomenclature. Being German, von Littrow did tend to follow the Bode rather than the Flamsteed tradition, and all of Bode's constellations, both the ones he invented and the ones he adopted, are included here. The figure shows the traditional Canis Major, but in further details we can see such Bode innovations as Officina (the printing press) and Felis (the cat). This was the last time the Bode constellations would appear in a professional atlas.